Observe Stress Awareness Day with Some Self-Care Practices

November 4 is National Stress Awareness Day. Chronic stress can lead to major health issues. Try these relaxing self-care practices to reduce your stress.

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Raising Awareness Around Stuttering…

October 22nd is International Stuttering Awareness Day, an annual observance to raise awareness of a disorder that’s so often misunderstood.  

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How to Celebrate Halloween During COVID-19

How are you planning to celebrate Halloween during COVID-19? I’m sharing some of my ideas below, but first, let’s ask the big question. 

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Why I Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Every year, the world celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s an annual opportunity to learn and spread knowledge about the disease. 

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Shop With Me…

Since becoming a busy mama of two, I’ve become an expert on-line shopper. Why? Because it’s fast and easy! Take a peek at my favorite products ranging from stuff for kids to beauty essentials, fashion and food. These are my favorite items of the moment.

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Beauty Products

CocoBaba by Emma Heming Willis

Cocobaba is a natural, effective skincare for moms, moms-to-be or when you just want to feel mothered.

Giving love to bellies, boobs and bums around the world.

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