My Newborn Essentials…

When you receive the news you’re about to become a first-time mom, I think it’s your right of passage to go nuts and order/register anything and everything you think you might need. You think you need a swing, get it. You think you need…

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I’m a big advocate of breastfeeding. Not the annoying kind as the only person I’m judging or putting pressure on when it comes to breastfeeding is myself.
Mabel took to breastfeeding like a fish to water. Luckily, we had no issues. She LOVED breastfeeding and I produced plenty of milk for her to feast on. And boy did she feast. She was fed on demand. Meaning there was no feeding schedule. I’m not even sure how I maintained that madness but I did.

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Twice blessed…

I always envisioned having two kids. I’m an only child so one would have been fine but two was my dream. So when our sweet Evelyn Penn arrived 25 months after our first Mabel, I was tickled pink. I knew life with two would be challenging but in my head I had it all worked out. Now, I’m not sure what I was thinking as I know fair well trying to make civilized plans when kids are involved just does not exist. At least not in my world. Actually, what’s the saying? If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.

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Everything started with the birth of our first daughter Mabel Ray in April 2012. We spent Mabel’s first year on the road while my husband was filming two back to back films. It took us away from my support system of family and friends when I felt I needed them the most. I was a first time mom who needed tips and advice!

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Products, fashion, and design

Shop With Me…

Since becoming a busy mama of two, I’ve become an expert on-line shopper. Why? Because it’s fast and easy! Take a peek at my favorite products ranging from stuff for kids to beauty essentials, fashion and food. These are my favorite items of the moment.

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Beauty Products

CocoBaba by Emma Heming Willis

Cocobaba is a natural vegan cosmetic line for both moms and moms-to-be created entirely from coconut oil, helping you to say bye-bye to stretch marks and improve the skin you’re in.

Currently only available in the EU, but stay tuned as the stork will soon be delivering it to a market near you.

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