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I take Mabel to preschool a few times a week for a few hours. When we make the drive I have a pretty solid playlist that we love to sing our hearts out to. From The Beatles to R&B to the 80’s to Disney soundtracks. But once I drop her off I change that playlist, quickly.

A simple change that gets me out of my head and mommy-mode for that moment in time. And I’ve realized how important it is for my sanity to do so. It’s my outlet.

Hip-hop. I love hip-hop. Always have, always will. Now clearly it’s a bit difficult to listen to around the house. But in the car it’s on 10. Its so loud I can feel the base in my chest. And I’m not humming along, I’m rapping. Every single lyric to every song. People looking at me from their cars like I’ve gone mad and I could care less. It takes me back. And I feel like me.

I’ve realized how important it is for my sanity...

And for the first time I’m actually (at times) taking note of the lyrics and thinking yikes, this is pretty hardcore. In fact it’s extremely explicit! Which is a word I have NEVER used prior to having kids. So I feel it’s important to keep this off my kid’s radars for as long as possible.

This is just something that I get to do when I’m on my own. I connect to myself and do something I enjoy. And I’m not hurting a soul.

What do you do that connects yourself back to you? What’s your outlet?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

From my home to yours,

Emma xx

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Sabrina says:

Loud music.. in the kitchen baking and cooking for my loves is my happy place!

Audrey says:

I hear that! When I first met my hubby, his daughter being 4, they would listen to the radio loudly and sing a long. With my son, I was crazy about sensoring his tv, movies, music… One day in the car with my new man and his daughter a song comes on and we are all singing along… and I realize what just popped out of my mouth and I turn to him and say… should she be listening to this? From then on we swithched to Christian music. Francesca Batestelli (spelling) and Frozen are her go to in her singing machine. I love the beat to hip hop and my ipod plays that for me when I make it to the gym :/ and when it comes on I just want to dance and let loose :).
Do I do anything for me to connect to me…. I pray for the wisdom and strength to be all that I was created to be. Thinking about your question… that makes me realize that everything I do is directly related to my husband and kids. If I quilt, scrapbook, cook, take photos (love that) or organize (which I actually get paid to do, when my name is passed along like a business card 🙂 its all about my loves. Hmmmmm perhaps I need to dig a little deeper and find something that’s for me. Although 🙂 writing here, sharing with you ladies is an outlet and I dont always have to sensor. 🙂 xoxo

Julia-Selina says:

Music makes everyone happy, it brings one to sing, dance, laugh and you get crazy ideas.

I also listen to all sorts of music except hard rock. I do not like it when they yelling and screaming.

I listen to music and enjoy traveling. Only just because my MP3 player is not broke. *cry* I like to listen to music when I write, then get inspiration. And in reading and sewing. ^_^

Emma, you hear the music of Bruce with your children? Do you know who is singing or playing the harmonica? ^_^

Kiss and Hugs Julia

Lora says:

I love that as my two oldest kids are hitting the teen years I can share more of the kinda grown up stuff I enjoy with them! But with littles in the car it is hard to listen to the same stuff over and over. We definitely need to make a new playlist that doesn’t include Frozen! Haha!

Emma Heming Willis says:

I’m up to my neck with Frozen!! Love hate relationship with it 🙂

Kelly brake says:

I am a single mom. I work three jobs. But, as you said, we still need to connect with ourselves. I love to read. It’s my own little world that no one shares. As moms we are ALWAYS dividing and sharing our time. Escaping into a book, even if it is just for a few minutes gives me a chance to regroup. It’s so important that no matter how busy we are we make a little time for ourselves. Thanks for you blog!

Emma Heming Willis says:

Your story sounds just like my mom’s. Single mom working 3 jobs too. I have no clue how she did it. I don’t know when she ever found time for herself. She held it together somehow. Thank you for sharing your story.

Audrey says:

Pinterest and floor plan/space design. Those are my outlets. I came to that conclusion when I was exhausted and yet couldn’t stop pinning ideas. I feel much better now. 🙂

Emma Heming Willis says:

I have an obsession with Pinterest too!!

Carli Wootton says:

My fav things are taking a bath alone- that is without my little one asking to get in with me, and putting the frozen soundtrack on whilst i clean and sing my heart out as loud as possible xxx we all need that time because just becuase we became mums it doesnt mean our lives are no longer our own xxx

Emma Heming Willis says:

I know. We do need our own time to reconnect to ourselves. It’s easy to forget that some times xx

Kathleen says:

Music is the glue that keeps me together – music in the car – a requirement – sometimes it is hard rock, anything loud to bring me down, when other times I need classical, instrumental to bring me down or get me going. I love going to a concert – you and thousands of the performers dearest friends (ha… ;-D are singing at the top of your lungs and feeding off of the energy of each other. You forget about life’s issues for a while and wash away the stress. When I met my boyfriend, his boys were young and now that they are teenagers, we realize what they are hearing – can’t always edit it out of their lives, so many influences but you hope to share with them other areas of music that will have them appreciating more than just lyrics about things you wished you could insulate them from forever. We did the same things as kids and have to know when to back up and let life experiences work for you. That said, Rock On Sistas! 😀

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