Perserving Your Pumpkin…#Fail

I had such high hopes for the post I did on “Preserving Your Pumpkin” . I’m not sure where it went wrong but as you can clearly see from my moldy pumpkin picture, it went terribly wrong. Eek! I did pre-warn that this was my first attempt trying out this anti-mold solution and hopefully you wouldn’t hold it against me if it didn’t work. I’m relieved to see that you haven’t. As for my eldest…. she keeps asking me where our cute pumpkin went. I don’t have the heart to tell her it’s now in Halloween heaven with all the other moldy pumpkins AKA the trash.

Thank goodness I saved the lives of our other three pumpkins and didn’t carve them ! I think next year I’ll stick with this anti-carve idea (which is a definite easier optinon) unless you can tell me the best way to preserve a pumpkin?! You know I rely on your seasoned home-maker expertise!! I’m obviously still getting my bearings with that over here 🙂

On that note…. Have a fun and safe Halloween! We’re on the home stretch!


Emma xx


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Rosemary Knapp - AreKay (RK) says:

Condolences on the premature demise of your JacK-O’-Lantern; may he Rest In Peace! To quote Linus, “Wait till next year”!
Whether it be at a party and/or out Trick or Treating, have a great Halloween! Just remember, fans love photos…LOL!
All the best, RK

Emma Heming Willis says:

Thank you 🙂 Next year I’m sticking with the no carve rule!!! xxx

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