Preserving Your Pumpkin…

With Halloween around the corner we’ve picked out our pumpkins and we’re ready to start carving! But every year I seem to jump the gun too early. Because by the time the 31st rolls round our pumpkin has turned to mush and mold. Which definitely fits the bill for spooky and scary but well, it’s just plain gross.

Luckily I came across a post on Facebook  about how to preserve your pumpkin and was so intrigued that I had to give it a whirl. I mean what do I have to lose except maybe another moldy pumpkin! This is my first attempt so don’t get mad if it doesn’t work but I’m feeling pretty positive about it!

By the time the 31st rolls round our pumpkin has turned to mush and mold...

What you’ll need:

Before you start craving, clean your pumpkin’s skin with a damp cloth.

Make the solution in your spray bottle using 1 tablespoon of bleach per quart of water.

Crave away! Here’s some pumpkin carving ideas as I know I needed some inspiration! Unfortunately, as you can see I did my go-to triangle face. I’m just not that artistic!

Spray your bleach solution inside your craved pumpkin and on all the cut areas. This will kill much of the surface bacteria that causes rotting and mold.

Let that soak in and dry (I waited about 30 minutes).

Then rub all of the carved or cut surfaces with petroleum jelly. This will keep it moist and keep out new bacteria.

Give your pumpkin’s skin another wipe down with your cloth.

Then keep your spray bottle handy but labeled and out of your children’s reach. Because you will spray your pumpkin everyday on the inside and carved areas.

Circle back round and let me know if it works! Fingers crossed!


Emma xx


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Sam Avery says:

I’m also a recent transplant from the city with two little ones in tow. I’m at a bit of a loss what to do for Halloween, being that the houses are so far apart and driveways are a mile long here. Have you got any suggestions ?

Emma Heming Willis says:

I asked the other parents at my daughters preschool! That helped me as I had no clue where to take them as well xxx

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