Shaving Cream Easter Eggs…

With Easter just around the bend, late last week, I started searching the internet for new ideas on how to decorate Easter eggs.

I’ve always done the basics — just buying our Paas Easter Egg Kit and having the kids dunk their eggs in the colored water and voila, finito! Well, after my search, my mind was blown away with how creative people have gotten with their eggs these days. They really are like works of art! So, I felt compelled to step up my game too, slowly, and this one looked like fun for the kids and not too intense for me. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

White eggs

Shaving cream

Baking sheet

Aluminum foil (optional)

Food coloring (neon preferably as its more vibrant than regular food coloring )

Gloves for adults and kids

Straw, paint brush, or toothpick 

Line your baking sheet with aluminum foil. This will help with the clean up in the end but it’s optional.

Fill your baking sheet with shaving cream and smooth it down with a spoon.

Pick the fcolors you want to use. My kids opted for every color, which made for one big green blob in the end, but it’s all good. I also didn’t have the neon food coloring so our eggs came out a little more subdued.

This is the time to have everyone put on their gloves and old t-shirts.

Sprinkle your food coloring around the white shaving cream. We used all of the coloring but I think you could get away with using half of it.

Use the handle side of the paint brush, straw, or toothpick and make some swirls. Make sure not to mix it too much or the colors will combine. My kids loved the swirling process a bit too much! It was almost all mixed but it still worked though! 

Then take your eggs and roll them around in the shaving cream. Let sit and submerged for 10 mins and with a paper napkin wipe off gently. 

So have fun!

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