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I’ll choose comfort over anything . I always will unless I have to snazz it up for date night or an event. Don’t get me wrong, I love a fabulous stiletto but I love a sneaker just as much. They are obviously more practical, especially since most days I’m running around in mommy mode. And now that spring has sprung, I’m excited to put those winter boots in storage until next year and bring out something more fun. Hallelujah!

Even though I hate this saying, it really makes the point here … Sneakers are very “on trend”. Even though I’m not one to follow trends, in this case, it just happens to fit with my needs and my go-to shoe. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite finds below. And yes, Converse had to be included, a few times even, as they are my all-time favorite shoe!

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Françoise says:

I totally agree with you about the Converse, I bought one pair years ago and still do every spring, to celebrate the sunny season to come! There is another sneakers’ brand that I like for their comfort and their logo : it’s called “Le temps des cerises” (“Cherry time”, basically) and they have 2 red cherries at the back and a silver cherry through the laces. They come in adult and children sizes, so girls can have the same sneakers as mummy, which can be fun sometimes 🙂
Happy sneakers’ season !

Gail says:

Hi Emma!
I love the Superga with the stars, they are super-cute…looks like I’m ordering those for my birthday! I have a few pairs of Superga and they are so comfortable…I’m a sneaker Mommy too, it’s more comfortable for all the running around we need to do. My go-to pair right now are my black sequin Converse, so comfortable and even dresses up jeans a little!

Have a great Spring!

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