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With Valentine’s Day upon us, where it’s all about romantic dinners and flowers, love and spending time with that important someone, I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind ourselves that we really need to spread that love beyond just our partners.  

In this day and age of social media, where we can see friends and family losing their s*it on Facebook because of so much more aggression and hostility in the world, why not promote a sense of positivity whenever we can? I’ve really committed to going another way, and I invite you to join me.

I love this idea of random acts of kindness . These are ways to give-back that won’t even cost you a dime and very little expenditure of energy (well maybe a dime as you’ll see below.) This effort on our part, tiny as it might be, will hopefully contribute toward helping restore a sense of humanity and civility, even if it’s just simply putting a smile on someone’s face.

Here are some super easy ideas:

Why not promote a sense of positivity whenever we can...

When you’re walking down the street, smile at a stranger and say hi.

Give 3 people a great compliment and lavish them with praise.

Write a note to your child’s teacher thanking them.

Purge through your items and donate them to a charity of your choice.

My husband likes to drop his loose change in the school’s parking lot so a child can find it.

We are texting and emailing so much these days. Pick up the phone and call someone to tell them you love them.

You see that someone’s parking meter has expired? Put a quarter in it.

Baking a batch of muffins? Bake a few extra for your neighbor.

Offer to babysit for your friend so they can have a date night.

When someone is telling you a story, really pay attention.

Be kind to yourself.

Pick one and go for it! And spread it on THICK.

Thank you to all my loyal readers who so generously keep coming back.

Emma xx

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There are 4 comments
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Izabela Hadaś says:

It`s good ideas
I like it
My Smile and a heart for you
I have a lovely Valentine’s Day

Emma Heming Willis says:

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!! xx

Rosemary Knapp (RK) says:

What great ideas! Very easy ways to make Valentine’s Day…and every day…special.
I especially like B’s idea of leaving loose change in a school yard. I remember when I was a kid how excited I’d get when I’d find coins and then figure out how best to spend them.
I thought I might try that tomorrow but then remembering our 15+ inches of snow, the kids wouldn’t find them till Spring!
Wishing you, B and the girls a very Happy Valentine’s Day…have fun!!!

Emma Heming Willis says:

Growing up I remember being in M&S in London and finding all this loose change and couldn’t believe it!
Love that my hubby does that. Super simple to do. Plus who likes loose change!? Its a win win

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