St. Patrick’s Day Craft…

We might not have any Irish blood in our family but we do have an Irish nanny. She’s been giving us the 411 on everything St. Paddy’s day related and you bet we want to celebrate alongside her. We can’t have her feeling too homesick now! What better way to start this St. Patrick’s Day week than with two crafts that are simple and adorable for the youngins—and you know I love simple!!

What you’ll need:

A green apple (any kind will do—just getting into the spirit of the green theme)

A green bell pepper


White construction paper (I used light green cause I had it)

Green paint

Paint brush

What better way to start this St. Patrick’s Day week than with two crafts that are simple and adorable..

Apple Stamp Shamrock

Cut your apple right down the middle (long ways) and take out any seeds. This is now your stamp. Cover the core of your apple with green paint and stamp three times to make a shamrock. Make sure you press down firmly to deposit the paint to the paper. Now draw your stem.

Bell Pepper Shamrock

Cut your bell pepper 2 inches from the bottom. Remove the seeds with your fingers. You now have two stamps. Cover the rim of your bell pepper with green paint and stamp! This was a great one for Evelyn who’s almost two. She went to town!

There are so many other great St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas on Pinterest . Of course, I had to make a board for you!

Do you have any fun St. Patrick’s Crafts to share?

Have fun!


Emma xx

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Rosemary (AreKay) Knapp RK says:

Emma, both the apple and the pepper make adorable shamrocks! Here’s wishing a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to your nanny…and to the entire “O’Willis” family!
PS – See my FB cover photo for an Irish Blessing poem you may enjoy! RK

Mimi says:

Thank you for all the great ideas to do with my granddaughter Emma.

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