Stained Glass Container

I always like having a few simple crafts handy year-round. More so in the winter of course, as being on the East Coast we have to spend much more time indoors. But even in summer I make sure to be equally prepared because the temperatures can suddenly soar and the humidity put a huge damper on outdoor plans. It’s much nicer for the girls (and Mommy) to be able to do some fun, easy crafts in the comfort of the A/C!

I always love it when I discover a great craft and realize I have everything I need already in my craft kit ! Bonus!

I usually have glass containers on hand because of the pickling I like to do from the bounty my garden yields.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Glass containers

Tissue paper squares

Mod Podge in gloss

Foam brush

Paper plate

Put some Mod Podge on a plate and dip the foam brush in it. Paint a section of the glass. Take a single paper tissue square and place it on the glue flat. Keep doing that till all the glass is covered. Don’t do the ridges where the cap screws on. Once completed, add an extra thin layer of Mod Podge over it. Let it dry.

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Susan says:

Where’s a view of the finished project?

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