Stained-Glass Easter Eggs…

Our family is on our spring break holiday at the moment. When I know we are going to be in a warm climate, I have to think ahead regarding activities and crafts we can do inside when it’s just too hot for them to be outside in the blistering sun. Since Easter is around the corner, before we left on our vacation, I started a Pinterest board on Easter crafts to get inspired. And of course I was! Mabel is really into painting with watercolors at the moment. And if Mabel is into it then so it Evelyn. Bonus!

Here’s an easy and adorable project we’ve been working on down in the tropics.

I have to think ahead regarding activities and crafts we can do inside when it’s just too hot for them to be outside...

What you’ll need:

Giant Watercolor Paper

Watercolor palette

White crayon



On our giant watercolor paper pad, I outlined and was able to fit two big eggs. Then the girls colored inside the egg with their white crayons. They used their watercolors to paint all over their designs. The white crayon rejects the watercolor paint and that’s when their white crayon design is uncovered! Once dried, I cut them out and we have been putting them all over our glass doors and windows to really see the effect and we are loving it!

Hope you are all having a wonderful start to spring! Do you have any fun (and easy) Easter crafts to share?


Emma x


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melissa lee says:

What a beautiful family… I use to buy the flat’s of wheat grass and use them in the bottom of my children’s basket’s, so they could place the Easter Egg’s they found on the grass in their basket’s!
Enjoy your time with them as they grow so fast.

Melissa Lee

Emma Heming Willis says:

It’s all happening so fast at the moment. Mabel is almost 4 in a few days and Evelyn is almost 2 in a month. Make it stop!!!

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