Sun Safety Swimsuit Guide

One of my children’s favorite past times is getting into the pool to swim when the weather is warm. With the outdoor living season just around the corner, it’s time for me to update their swimsuits. The ones I prefer have a UPF factor built in the fabric, which really helps block the harmful UV rays.

I am really strict about the time of day they’re allowed to be in the pool because of sun exposure. If it’s the morning, I let them swim till 11am, then they can go back in around 3:30pm. The sun is very strong in between that midday range.

My daughters’ skin tones are very different. Mabel can take the sun better than Evelyn. Mabel tans at the drop of a hat, even slathered with sunscreens and protective gear. Meanwhile, Evelyn is very fair, so I have to be extra vigilant about her protection– luckily so far, she has never suffered a sunburn.

But the fact remains that 90% of Americans, especially those in northern geographies are deficient in Vitamin D. And though I supplement myself and my kids, the best way to get Vitamin D is directly from the sun. So I try to let them get about 10 minutes a day without sunscreen to really soak it up naturally.

Since I still have to balance the process and protect them when they are in the pool and exposed to the sun, I’ve done some online browsing (my favorite past time) and here are my findings:

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