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The Sensory “Sandbox”…

My youngest daughter, Evelyn is a big fan of her sense of taste, and until recently insisted on tasting just about anything she could get her hands on! So when I started looking for sensory projects for her, I sought out ones that were edible. Not the ones that actually tasted yummy, because I felt I would be fueling the fire. Evelyn has thankfully just transitioned out of the “put everything in your mouth” stage, but these bins are great no matter what stage of development your younger children are in.

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DIY Pouches…

When Evelyn was eating pureed food I loved using this food processor called The Baby Cook. It was quick, simple and we sure got our money’s worth out it. It steams and purees all in one with the push of a button. There was also a great cookbook offered along with some exciting puree options. It was especially helpful when I hit a wall trying to come up with different ideas.

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