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Can you believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away!? We’ve barely finished up the summer break and here we are heading into the holidays like on of those new Bullet trains! So, it’s time again to put on my thinking cap and invent some distractions for the kids by way of crafts and activities to keep them busy and stimulated in a positive way for that long holiday weekend that’s just around the corner!

One of the newer traditions at the Willis home is setting up a kids’ table , adjacent to the adults one, with arts and crafts ready to go for when they will invariably grow impatient with all the adult talk, and well, get bored with us. Last year it worked so nicely, I’ll be using this for all major holidays going forward!

One of my favorite elements for their table was the centerpiece we used last year. It was a Thankful Tree. Mabel was very pleased as she was able to say what she was grateful for and I wrote it in for her. For instance, “family and pumpkin pie!” Of course, there had to be something sweet involved! I found this thankful tree on Amazon but it was sold in bulk. So instead of having to buy 12 more of them again this year, I decided to make our own.

But before I get into that, let me give you a rundown on how to set up your kids table.

Kids Table

Line your “kids table” with postal wrapping paper.  Tape it down underneath the table.

Add your crayons and markers to decorative tumblers.

Download these printable Thanksgiving coloring pages from Crayola here. Also have some blank sheets available on the table too.

Lay some sheets of stickers around.

And there you have it.

One of my favorite elements for their table was the centerpiece we used last year. It was a Thankful Tree...
Thankful Tree Centerpiece

Wide mouth mason jar 

Potting stone

Construction paper 


White or metallic paint pen

Hot glue gun 

4 long sticks/twigs

Fold your construction paper in half so you can cut out two identical shapes after you trace 3×3 inch shapes of your choosing. I went for hearts and leaves and cut quite a few out so I could fill up the tree.

Chat with your kids and ask what they are grateful for and write it on one side of each of your cut out shapes. It’s so sweet to hear their answers.

Add your potting stones to your mason jar.

Insert 4 of your long twigs into to the potting stones.

Add your hot glue to the unwritten side of your shape and stick it to the top of your twig. Then take the matching blank side and stick it together.

More Thanksgiving ideas coming your way in the coming weeks!  

Emma xxx

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