The Beauty of the Lovey…

I had no clue what a lovey was till I started having kids. Mabel’s lovey was my breast. I tried pushing other soft warm things her way but she was not having it. With the birth of our second child Evelyn, at 2 months of age we introduced a lovey to her. Seeing that Evelyn didn’t find the same comfort in breastfeeding as her sister, she needed something.

I keep her lovey along with her pacifiers in her crib. When we hand it to her it’s a positive cue that helps her transition to sleep time. So at naps and bedtime it’s all hers but other than that it remains in her crib unless she needs some added comfort. For instance, she’s teething at the moment and really needs all the comfort she can get so it’s all hers.

It’s a positive cue that helps her transition to sleep time...

Introducing the lovey to Evelyn early on was key to her forming her attachment. I wouldn’t keep the lovey in her crib during the early months as of course it could be dangerous. So I would hold it next to her at feedings or if she was crying. When I felt she was old enough I put them in her crib. She cuddles right up to it and it’s very sweet.

When Mabel was born a friend bought us the coziest baby blanket from a Southern Californian company called  Barefoot Dreams. On the search for a lovey I kept my fingers crossed that they might have something similar to that cozy blanket that was given to us but on a smaller scale. Success! I have about 5 in rotation and I have 5 stocked piled. With how much they get used we need serious back-up.

Does your child have a lovey? And did they bond to them on their own or with your help?


From my home to yours,

Emma xx


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Julie @ Girl on the Move says:

Very wise to keep extra loveys on hand because you never know what will happen and the meltdown that will follow won’t be pleasant…so back ups are key!

Emma Heming Willis says:

KEY!!! xxx

Erin says:

My oldest daughter has a stuffed dog she loves! My youngest has a satiny bunny which is her go to.. They travel everywhere with us! I had to find another bunny because the first one was so “loved”.. She calls it Replacement Bunny LOL!!

Emma Heming Willis says:

That is adorable! “Loved” :):)
I’ve heard that story so many times! That blankies or stuffed animals get so worn down or lost etc. Hence why I have so many! lol xxxx

Gina vargas says:

So very sweet! I never had children. I do have 2 little ones whom are very close to me. They basically are my world. I do believe I will be looking for the lovey. Thank you for sharing

carli says:

Hi Emma, my son Theodore never took to any type of teddy or blankey at nap times all he ever wanted was a dummy.
i did try to get him onto a little blankey with a monkey attached to it but he was never interested.
with the birth of my second son only 7 weeks away i will be trying again and i have a feeling he will take to one more as they do say you never get 2 kids the same.
theo turns 4 a week before baby is due, and he does now have alot of characters in bed such as nemo frozen and 2 shamu killer whales and he wont sleep without them.
take care x

Emma Heming Willis says:

Mabel was the same. But she didn’t even take a dummy. But I also didn’t introduce anything to Mabel so that’s on me. But with Evelyn I’m happy I did. The key really was having it around from an early age.
Wishing you well with the birth of your new baby!! xxx

Wendy R says:

Hi Emma – look at you go! A season mummy if I ever saw one, certainly pays to be prepared hey! Those loveys are so beautiful and so much thought put into it! Our little man has a small soft teddy bear that wears a red jumper aptly named ‘Red Ted’ that my husband brought back from Singapore a couple of years ago that he takes shopping and to bed with him. There is ‘big trouble in little china’ when we can’t find him!!! (Usually strategically placed at the very back under his bed). but he is a terrible sleeper so also still has a pacifier for night time and at 4yrs old, I wondered if he really should be over it – but then I figured he wont be taking it to his 21st birthday party so if it helps him settle and stay asleep (and that means so do I) I guess its the lesser of two evils… what do you think?
another great post – loved the pics
Wendy 🙂

Emma Heming Willis says:

Listen, I think we do what we have to do that might always be “ideal” or “the right way.” If your son having his pacifier helps him sleep, which then lets you sleep, you pick your battles. Sleep trumps all, always, in my book. At some point we all have to bite the bullet but you do it when it’s right for your son and family. xxx

Roxanne says:

Hi Emma,
I have to say you were very wise to stock up on something that Evelyn is so attached to. There is nothing like trying to hunt down a replacement when things get worn out.
My oldest boy had a little monkey that he loved to cuddle with. I sewed that little guy up so many times. As soon as I handed it to him at bed time he would settle right in.
My youngest boy had a ” blankie”. It was a receiving blanket that he would rub on his check or his nose.
I still have both of them packed away in a box with first outfits and special things I have saved over the years.
Hi to all the other moms out there. I really enjoy reading your stories and comments.
Thanks again Emma for creating such a great blog. You are truly an inspiration.
Until next time,
Roxanne 🙂

Irene says:

Oh the important lovey: we were once on vacation & had my son on a rollaway cot

Irene says:

Oh the important lovey: we were once on vacation & had my son on a rollaway cot

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