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Like most of us, I had my set chores growing up as a child. I can’t say that I was crazy about them but they did teach me some fundamental life skills from an early age. Mabel is 4 and as we’ve always had the rule of cleaning up after ourselves, I thought it was time to expand on her list of chores or skills, as I like to call them.

They are quite simple, as it should be given her age but these are life skills that are important for her to learn. Here’s an example of the skills she’s starting to take a crack at. Keeping a tidy room, which means picking up her dirty clothes and putting them in the hamper. After any meal, taking her plate to the kitchen sink. Getting herself dressed in the morning. Not only are these skills important for Mabel to learn, it’s also a great reminder to me to let Mabel get on with it. I have a tendency to want to baby my kids—do everything for them. I’ll still feed Mabel at times :/ So sure, there are things that Mabel still needs help with but I need to give her space to gain her independence as well.

I thought it was time to expand on her list of chores or skills, as I like to call them...

We added “The Chore Board” to her bedroom door. We didn’t approach it as some doom and gloom kind of thing as we were taping it up but we came from an angle that I knew would appeal to her sense of fun. Since Mabel turned 4 she’s really been talking about what a big girl she is so I’ve played into that with the Chore Board. “Now that you’re 4, look at all the great ways you can help us around the house!” She’s really taken to it so I’m riding this one out. Hopefully Evelyn will be taking some notes cause I’m coming for her next! 🙂

I’m still on the fence about rewarding Mabel for completing her “chores.” I feel like when I say thank you and praise her, I can tell the sense of pride she gets from that. And like I said these are life skills she’s learning—I’m not sure giving her money for it is the right message. That’s just me!

How do you feel about chores in your home? And do you reward your child? No judgment here! Really just love hearing how you all do it.

Emma xx

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