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What an honor it was to be featured on one of my favorite motherhood blogs, The Glow . What I especially love about Violet and Kelly’s blog are the features they do on moms for moms. They ask intelligent questions (and a lot of them!) that provoke real answers. And as we all know motherhood is no joke and to cast this shadow that we are all getting through it flawlessly does a great disservice to us all.

Each stage is new to me and I’m truly figuring it out as I go. Motherhood will always be the greatest gift I’ve been given and I’m happy to share my ups and downs with you as I love when you share what has worked for you and your family as well.

Check out my feature here !

Keep sharing,

Emma xx

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Elisa says:

Dear Emma,
Your feature in The Glow is just wonderful. It is such a candid and optimistic account on motherhood. I must admit I am a bit scared about becoming children, I generally suffer from a lack of confidence and when it comes to the topic of motherhood it is even worse. But reading your blog (which is great by the way!) and seeing your sweet family reassures me and provides me with confidence and balance 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences, it really helps.
I wish you and your family all the best.
Best regards,

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