The Hydration Resolution…

Hellllo and welcome 2016!! I’m never in favor making any lofty New Year’s resolutions, however, I plan on embracing one lifestyle change immediately that benefits my entire family. It couldn’t be more simple, but I have a feeling this Mama is going to have to be clever in order to accomplish my 2016 resolution mission. What’s my lofty goal? Get my family to drink more water. Every cell, tissue and organ in our body needs water to survive. Our bodies flourish when we are properly hydrated, but why are most of us (me included) slightly averse to keeping up with our water intake?

For the most part we’re a water family, which admittedly, can get extremely boring. To make sure my family gets that extra glass of water, my solution is to liven the hydration party up. I’ve started to infuse our water with fruit. Sounds fancy and quite on trend (#detoxwater) but it’s ridiculously simple and easy. The kids love it and it gives that boring water a new spin. I personally like to sip on it and imagine I’m at a spa, ha! Now that’s funny.

I try to keep soda out of our house for several reasons. If it’s here I’ll drink it. I’m a Dr. Pepper girl and my husband a Pepsi man. I REALLY enjoy one once in a blue moon, but I don’t allow myself to make it a habit. I think we can all agree, an excess of soda consumption is just not good for you. I also truly don’t want my kids to acquire the taste of sugar carbonated heaven. So I was deeply inspired to come up with some exciting yet hydrating alternatives.

My solution is to liven the hydration party up...

Here’s a few of my favorite infused water combos I have in rotation. You can also check out my Pinterst board  for other options that just might tickle your fancy.


Watermelon Mint

3 cups of watermelon cubed

5 to 7 mint leaves

Strawberry and Lemon

Half 10 strawberries

1 Medium lemon, sliced with skin on.

I like to mash them a little to release their flavor once they are in the pitcher before I add the water.

Strawberry Flavored Water

4-6 strawberries, hulled and quartered

1/2 lemon, sliced

Small handful of basil, scrunched

Ice and cold filtered water

Orange and Blueberry

1 Medium Orange, sliced with skin on

1 cup of whole blueberries.

Throw your fruit into your 2 quart pitcher and fill with water. Let it infuse at room temp for 1 hour or 2 hours in the fridge to achieve more of a potent flavor. Then I remove all the fruit and herbs from the pitcher. Why? It’ll help prevent the fruit from decomposing and ultimately tasting undesirable.

If you infuse at room temp I would drink it for the day and then toss out. But if you keep the water in the fridge like I do it can last up to 3 days.

Now, when adding your fruit and herbs this is all to taste. I tend to go overboard on the fruit because I really want to taste it and so do my kids. You just need to play around with your ingredients and how long you want to infuse your water for. You’d be surprised at how quickly water infuses. You’ll see what your family’s preference is.

If you are on the go here is a great infuser  to take with you! Or the always chic S’well bottle  that will keep your strained infused water perfectly chilled.


Emma xx

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Rachel says:

thanks for the recipes! Looks like it may help me and my family be more excited about water. Lol

Emma Heming Willis says:

It’s REALLY hard to get excited about water these days so I hope this helps!!

Maja says:

hello emma, i’ll sure try the watermelon/mint water. i like to fill icecube-trays with limejuice and mint when my limes start looking not so fresh anymore. then i add 1 icecube per glass – i like it sour!! 🙂

Emma Heming Willis says:

I LOVE sour too! I’ll try this. This sounds amazing. Thanks!!

Maja says:

by the way… my kids prefer frozen raspberries! oh, and passion fruit!

Emma Heming Willis says:

yum yum!!

Lisa E says:

This is great! I can’t wait to try all of these! Do u throw the blueberries in whole or slice them?

Emma Heming Willis says:

Really you could go either way! I’ve thrown the blueberries in whole and it was the perfect amount of flavor for us. xx

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