The Need to Journal…

I kept a pretty solid baby book/journal of Mabel’s first year. I had everything in there. The date of her first smile, when she rolled over, and when she slept through the night. Oh wait, I’m still waiting for that to happen 😉 You see where I’m going with it. I recorded everything until one day, I just stopped. I would say to myself, there’s no way I’ll ever forget this moment. It’s ok if I don’t write it down because I’ll etch it in my memory forever! Well… I forgot the moment. Couldn’t even tell you what it was or when it happened. I’m embarrassed to say Evelyn’s first’s have ended up in my Notes on my IPhone. Hope my phone doesn’t crash!

That’s when I realized I need to start journaling again, ASAP...

I’m looking at Mabel who is 3.5 and Evelyn who is moving slowly away from being a baby and I’m just astonished at how fast time is moving and how I’ll never get these precious moments back with my kids. That’s when I realized I need to start journaling again, ASAP. It’s doesn’t have to be long drawn out writing sessions but I need to be writing, the very least taking notes on some of these moments! My mommy brain  has really kicked my butt in the memory department so I can’t rely on that anymore.

Here are the two journals that I’m going to be keeping next to my bedside. Just so I can write down thoughts and special moments. I know my kids and I will get a kick at reading it in the years to come.

Moleskine’s Hard Cover Colored Notebook : I’ve been fan of Moleskine for a long time. I’m a write-it-down list maker and I love the satisfaction of checking it off when the task is completed. So there’s no reason I can’t buy another notebook to keep notes on my girls. Moleskine also has a Baby Book Journal that you can start journaling about your pregnancy right through till you child’s second birthday. I bet you will never regret having it.

Mom’s One Line A Day : I bought this a while ago. My mom looked through it and said “Emma, you have written twice in here!” I know MOM!! I’m working on that… But really, this is a great book. A daily one liner is TOTALLY doable. I’m on it.

So I’m turning over a new leaf today. Getting back on track. Because I never want to forget how Mabel says animal… Aminal. Or how Evelyn says please… Peeees.

Have you kept up with your baby books or did they fall by the waste side? Or am I taking home the medal for bad mommy?! Oh that good ole guilt kickin in again!


Emma xxx

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Eileen Sinclair says:

No bad Mummy badge for you Emma,I think you’re a great roll model for new mums,I am 66 years old and still own my baby book,my Mum missed out great spaces of my infant life,apparently I didn’t walk until I was 2, but was advanced in my speech at 6 months these along with completely ridiculous predictions which I continue to find amusing are a great joy to read,you carry on the great work.x

Emma Heming Willis says:

Ah thank you 🙂 Lovely that you have your baby book. That’s given me some added motivation xxx

Carli says:

Hi emma i did the same for theo who is now 4 and ive just atarted one for jonah, they both start with the hospital scans and the charts from labour and continue on.
I love looking at them because as u said u realy do forget things xxxx

Emma Heming Willis says:

Good for you for keeping it up!. It’ll be cherished for a lifetime xxx

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