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Back in the day, when I was modeling full-time I used to get booked a lot for shoots that allowed me to show off my bikini body. I was always confident with the way my body looked. Mind you, I did work my butt off in the gym to keep that bikini body together but being blessed with good genes was also a big plus. Thanks Mom!

Back then, I think I owned one, one-piece bathing suit in my 20’s. The only time it came out of my drawer, was if I was going to the gym to swim laps and it was ugly as sin. I would have never considered wearing it to the beach. Never. I mean, the one-piece back then only seemed reserved for grandmothers (no offense,) plus the cut of those one-piece suits were so unflattering. Well, times have changed my friends and so have I. I could still wear a bikini (not my first choice) but when I’m running around with my kids on the beach or we’re in the pool and I’m being pulled on, being in a one-piece is just so much more comfortable and reliable! Here I am, after two kids and pushing 40 in a few months and I have to say I might be ok with retiring my bikini’s when there are so many great one-piece options nowadays. A one-piece is really so flattering and is still very sexy!

Take a look at some of my favorite one-piece picks that I hope will inspire you!

Being in a one-piece is just so much more comfortable and reliable...

Aurora Floral Print Paneled Swimsuit

Floral Lace Up 

Gathered Deep Plunge : pictured

The One Shouldered

The Seersucker

The Ballerina color-block

Ruched cut out swimsuit : pictured

I know a lot of mom’s who just aren’t comfortable showing their mid-sections anymore. If it’s because of the lack of elasticity through the mid-section or stretch marks after pregnancy– I know a few of my mommy friends would prefer to cover up. I’ll raise my hand to that one. Let’s just say my “washboard abs” never recovered after baby number 2. I also find nothing more beautiful than when I see a mom with her stretch marks on her belly. It’s truly a lovely badge of honor. I miraculously escaped belly stretch marks even though I had two very Big babies. I owe that all to my raw coconut oil that I slathered myself with for the full 9 months and beyond! Take note because it worked!

What are your feelings on wearing bikinis versus the one-piece after kids?


Emma x

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Rosetta Patafie says:

Beautiful one pieces – :just as sexy too. Yes after kids things do change but it’s all good. Happy Easter xxoo

Emma Heming Willis says:

It’s all good! Hope you had a great Easter xxxxx

Carli Wootton says:

I agree emma,plus when you have kids and you take them to the beach or swimming it just feels safer to wear a one piece as you know nothing will pop out at the wrong time

Emma Heming Willis says:

Um, totally agree!

Wendy R says:

Hi Emma
Its been a while since I’ve commented, but still love reading your blog… another great post! My favourite one was the ruched cut out one- I have a blue one very similar and is great for hiding a couple of extra curves! I wish I’d known about the amazing properties of coconut oil when I was pregnant with my daughter (now 17 – where does the time go!!). Although I didn’t get a lot of stretch marks, I have enough to be more comfortable in a one piece than bikinis. Hope you and yours had a great Easter and are looking forward to your summer – as we pull out the winter warmers ready for the colder months here in Australia.
Take care
Wendy x

Emma Heming Willis says:

Thanks Wendy! Stay warm as we start defrosting on the east coast xxx

kc says:

First off Emma, you look good even if you wore a paper bag 🙂 but yes had a baby 8 months ago and i agree i rather cover up. Ty…these one piece suits are great are still sexy and reasonable.

Emma Heming Willis says:

That’s very kind of you, thank you 🙂 With my first the weight fell right off cause I was breastfeeding around the clock for a LONG time. With my second the weight took much longer, I also didn’t have that much time or much motivation to get back in the gym. That turned around though after some time. But still feel more confident and comfortable in a one-piece. And that white one I’m wearing was $30. You can’t beat that!

jamie says:

I agree! The selection for one pieces has grown so much. They make so many suits now for all sizes and shapes and they are very flattering when i was young i dont remember the selction being so good. Im new to your blog and looking forward to more posts.

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