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I’m really excited about  starting traditions with my children . I feel it’s a great vehicle for creating everlasting and impactful memories. Over our spring break getaway we came up with this one and I think we’ve now found ourselves an inspiring tradition, which also teaches my children the importance of giving. We decided to set up a popsicle stand and agreed that all the proceeds raised would go to an organization that my family and I love and support, Room to Grow .

I loved having my two younger girls involved so that they can begin to understand the term and importance of giving back from a young age. They hear a lot about Room to Grow from me as all their items are donated to this charity, so they were so excited they could be a part of something that means a lot to me.

What made this whole experience even sweeter was that my three step-daughters—Rumer, Scout and Tallulah—also participated. Where Room to Grow is a new charity to them, they were so thrilled to learn all about this wonderful cause and in their always supportive mode, jumped on board to help facilitate their little sisters’ popsicle stand. With the help of the wonderful staff from the hotel on the island where we were vacationing, they got the word out to the guests with children, that we were hosting this fun event to benefit Room to Grow at our place and boom! We were in business!

I loved having my two younger girls involved so that they can begin to understand the term and importance of giving back from a young age...
The fam...

We had two ice pop flavors to offer—peach and fruit punch. Let me say what a turnout and big hit it was! We made $500, which we were all very proud of, and of course, Room to Grow were so appreciative (as they always are) when I gave them the good news.

You’ll be hearing a lot more from me regarding Room to Grow and why I adore this charity in the coming weeks. Their big spring benefit is around the corner on April 14th and tickets are still up for grabs ! There are also other ways to donate to them too. If you’re in the New York or Boston area they are accepting your new to lightly used baby/kids items from clothes, to books, to strollers, etc.

What charity do you love and support? Are you able to involve your kids in it as well?


Emma xx

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kc says:

Hi. I love that you have chosen this charity. After having my own LO. My heart goes out to children even more that are in need. It breaks my heart. God bless, continue giving back this is great. Very inspiring. I too will be showing my Lo the importance of giving back. So important. Oh and I will be dropping off close. Ty for sharing

Wendy R says:

Hi Lovely Lady – what a great blog and what a great charity your family is supporting. Kids love traditions and hearing stories from their childhood and what a beautiful memory your girls (and step girls) will have for years and years!! I think its so important to be able to give back to the community in any way that you can – everyone has capacity to do something and I think the world would be a much nicer place if we all did ‘our bit’.

I try and support charities where ever I can and encourage my kids to get involved. I’m the Treasurer of the Foster Care Association here in WA, having fostered over 35 children in the past 6 years – and my children are great at providing these little ones with comfort and empathy. There is definitely ‘room’ for Room to Grow here in Australia – perhaps less children would end up in foster care if we were able to support the families better earlier…

We’re also regular supporters of a couple of other charities in Australia and one of my favourites is the Smith Family that help provide educational items and schooling for children that otherwise couldn’t afford too. They also run before school programs to feed children that turn up to school with no breakfast – I know how I feel when I’ve skipped breakfast, so I know how challenging school must be for kids trying to concentrate on school work…

The other week my fledgling cupcake business donated a couple of hundred cupcakes and an anniversary cake for a fundraising charity ball held the Colosoul Group (a not for profit organisation that helps young people in WA break into the arts and media industries). The highlight of the night was the auctioning of a stunning gown worn by Nicole Kidman at the 2011 Oscars!! I did consider putting in a bid for it, but it wouldn’t have even fitted over one of my legs LOL!! My 17 year old daughter helped me with the cupcakes and attended the evening with me. It was a great evening and sharing it with her was ‘icing on the cake’.

I hope Room to Grow’s spring benefit goes well – I look forward to hearing how they went. I’m sure with you championing the cause – how could they not!!
Wendy xxx

Emma Heming Willis says:

Hi Wendy…. A little can go such a long way! At Room to Grow they’re so many ways to get involved which does not have to be monetary. From donating baby items to coming in and sorting items to folding. I agree with you that we all have the capacity to do a little something and what you get back from it is huge.
To hear that you’ve fostered 35 children in the last 6 years is wonderful. I know a lot about the foster care system from my husband. Most stories I hear are terribly bleak. Room to Grow is such a great start which could help break the cycle from early on.
Keep fighting the good fight! Keep up the awesome work! xxxxxx

anja dreamy :o) says:

Hi Emma and Bruce well and the hole family 🙂 I love Ice-cream and if you do something good with it – that is so great! … also to involve the little ones … it is important to give back! And somebody who gives back will be a more happy person! 🙂 thanks for sharing the pictures and the story! PS: I love the little Mable video when she wants Ice-cream I hope she had a lot that day 🙂
xxx anja :o) dreamy, germany

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