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I’m just amazed when I see these paparazzi moments of super chic celebrities walking through the airport these days. Are they really wearing those heels on the plane? If they are, I actually love the fact that people are getting dressed nicely to travel again.

I must say that seeing people in their PJs and carrying their pillows walking through the airport throws me off a bit. I understand wanting to be comfortable. Still, I think some semblance of decorum is appropriate. After all, you don’t take your pillow and wear your pajamas when you go out to dinner, right? Call me old-fashioned. 😉

I remember when I was a child, traveling on a plane was a big deal and my mom would dress us up pretty nicely for the trip. Well, I think it was also somewhat of a strategy–she would do that in hopes they would bump us up from economy to business when she would ask if there were empty seats available. Sometimes it actually worked!

I’m not saying I dress to the nines when I travel and you will most definitely never see me in heels at the airport. But I do have some tricks for looking “put together” but still being very comfortable. After all, you are getting on a plane and being comfortable is important.

Here are my highs and lows to give you some ideas for your next trip:

Jumpsuit: I love a jumpsuit. It’s easy and comfortable but still very chic looking. Easy fit jersey  or  Jersey crepe .

Button shirt: I like long shirts when I travel. They are comfortable yet stylish, covers the bum and then you can wear a simple legging with it.  Roll-tab sleeve tunic  or  Equipment long shirtdress. 

Legging: Leggings are still my simple favorite. I like high waisted leggings when I travel because it’s just comfortable to me.  Top Shop high-rise

Scarf: I can’t get on a plane without a scarf. I like keeping my neck warm at all times when I’m flying.  Cashmere gauzed   or  Fringe wrap

But I do have some tricks for looking “put together” but still being very comfortable...

In-flight slippers: I like to take my shoes off but you will not see me walking around in my socks or barefoot on the place. Yuck. I’ll throw on these little comfy slippers in-flight and they are easily stored in a cute little pouch when you are done using them.  Black Mesh foldable  or  C harlotte Olympia Cat Nap slipper 

Backpack: I’m a huge fan of traveling hands-free with kids or without them. My Target lilac backpack  or  Silver Leather 

Tote: If you haven’t got into the backpack craze, then a nice big tote will do just fine. This Leni Penn tote has SO many great pockets inside and it’s nice and deep. Plus when you buy, they give back! or this  TOM’S Coated canvas tote

Long sweater wraps: It gets so cold on these flights and having a nice long sweater wrap is always nice to have, plus it’s a good staple piece.  Open pleat front cardigan   or  Barefoot Dreams coziness

Flats: Having a comfortable shoe is key because you know you’ll be doing a lot of walking but it needs to slip on and off easily when going through security.  Sam Edelman  or  Lanvin suede

Carry-on roller bag: My mom bought me a Louis Vuitton roller when I was modeling. That piece of luggage has traveled around the world with me and then some. I still have it and it’s in tiptop condition. If I’m traveling by myself I rarely check bags. In fact, I detest checking in luggage so I will do whatever it takes to fit everything into my carry-on.  Herschel hard case  or  Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses: You need a good pair of sunnies to cover those puffy eyes when you land.  A.J. Morgan  or  J Crew

Happy trails!

Emma xx


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Amy Miller says:

Hi Emma,

Great tips! And I also dislike seeing people in their PJ’s on an airplane!

I love the long shirt & leggings idea! That is comfy but classy! I remember taking my first flight, in 1973, when I was 10. We flew from Rochester, NY to Tucson, Arizona to visit my Grandparents. Everyone on that plane was dressed so nicely! It was a magical memory!!! I felt so lucky to be on a huge plane with so many very important looking people!

I love your blog! My ‘kids’ are now young adults, but you give so many good tips even for little old me!


PS 72 days until my Scavenger Hunt to raise $ for !!!!!

Emma Heming Willis says:

So happy you are reading it! Thank you ☺️
Excited for your RtG scavenger hunt!!!!

Françoise says:

Thank you for your very nice ideas!
I had to travel a lot across Europe and America during the last past years and I soon discovered that my ankles didn’t like those trips. I had to switch to support stocking 🙁
But the good news is that there are now a very wide range of those products, which come in funny colors so that you don’t have to hide them with your clothes. And your legs will feel much more “light” when you finally land! I really recommend them for people who have to travel often on planes.

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