Valentine’s School Gift

I love Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a sweet holiday for kids—especially for my two preschoolers. It’s all about celebrating their new friendships with no stigmas attached. Last year we made these Tie-Dye Crayons  out of silicone heart molds so this year I thought I’d go for something a little on the similar side as this month is just plan hectic! But it didn’t make this gift any less sweet, just a tad easier for this no fuss mama to throw together.

As you know I love Pinterest  because I’m so “idea challenged” at times. There were a wide variety of classroom valentine gift ideas  and the one that kept jumping out at me had these cute mini heart bubble tubes. I thought it would be the perfect compliment for my daughter’s Valentine cards for her class.

It’s all about celebrating their new friendships with no stigmas attached...

Download and print my  Valentine template here.

Cut out the red boxes from the template page. You can cut with scissors or use a paper trimmer for more precision.

Take your construction paper and mimic the shape of the template expect you are going to measure an extra 1/2 inch to create the border.

Once you have all your cut pieces, take a glue stick and adhere the printed template to your construction paper.

Now punch 2 sets of holes into the center of each piece of paper. You will later tie your bubble wands to the valentine. Note: make sure to use a ¼” hole punch so it can go through both pieces of paper. This one here can go through 5 sheets of paper at once.

Cut a generous amount your baker’s twine or ribbon.

Attach the bubble wand to the valentine card and use your baker’s twine to tie it off to the card.

Decorate with foam stickers and hearts, glitter, kisses, get creative!


Sending love!

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