What’s In Your Diaper Bag…

When I think about everything I used to pack in Mabel’s diaper bag it really makes me laugh. If we were going out for just an hour let’s say, I’d pack as if we were going away for weeks. I’m not kidding. I was so overly prepared it’s pretty comical. I’m a little embarrassed to get into what was in the depths of this bag. Let’s just say I’m not called a worrywart for nothin’! In all fairness, I was a first-time mom and it’s kind of our rite of passage to pack whatever we please in our diaper bags first time round. So there! Today, I’m happy to say that since having had Evelyn, I’ve fine-tuned my diaper bag. “Much more streamlined,” as Bruce would say :/

What I can’t leave home without:

Skip Hop diaper changing station and clutch : This was passed down to Evelyn from Mabel. It holds all my essentials. Diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer . I also throw a small tube of Aquaphor and Weleda calendula diaper rash cream . I like having a roll of these plastic bags in case there’s a stinky diaper or a child that needs to vomit. You just never know 😉

Bumkins Clear Travel bags : I like my things organized and in their individual compartments. These see-through individual travel bags are great from Bumkins . I don’t like having items floating around within my bag. I use one for Mabel’s restroom needs. Toilet seat covers , hand wipes and Cottonelle wipes . I use the smaller bag as my first aid kit. That holds band aids, Neosporin on-the-go , nail scissors, hair-tie, Tylenol, Claritin , and sunscreen. The other keeps some activities for the girls in case I don’t have my restaurant busy bag on hand. I love this mini Buddha Board  and Beaver Books no mess coloring  options (you’ll thank me for these ones) and of course,  crayons . I also like to throw in two of these for Evelyn . They are small and it’ll keep her occupied for a little.

Sling : I used to have a bigger and bulkier baby carrier that would just spill out of my bag. Slings so compact which makes this item a must to keep in your diaper bag. Just another reason to love babywearing .

Today, I’m happy to say that since having had Evelyn, I’ve fine-tuned my diaper bag...

Wet and dry bag : I use this to keep an extra change of clothes, including sun hats for Evelyn and Mabel. If a change of clothes is needed, you bet the soiled ones will need to go right back into the “wet side.” It’s a two hold compartment bag hence the name wet and dry bag. Zip up the wet side and it’ll keep everything else in your bag dry and clean. It’s great if you are using cloth diapers. Also, this bag comes with us each week to swim class too. Great for those wet bathing suits.

Emergency Tags : I think having these tags are a must. I list my children’s name and address. Emergency contact numbers. I have it in a luggage tag holder on our diaper bag and strollers.

Sippy cups : I learned the hard way by leaving the house without sippy cups one day. We went out for a quick lunch. Stopped in at a what I thought was a kid-friendly restaurant in the city. When we sat, two wine glasses filled with water for my Very young children were placed in front of them. I asked if they had cups with straws for the youngins–they looked at me like I was crazy. We had a problem. Note to self, always pack kid-friendly cups.

Snack bags : Save the planet! I stopped using those plastic ziplock bags. I love these reusable snack bags. Like most of us, I can’t leave the house without snacks for my kids and myself for that matter. I throw some almonds in for me and whatever dry snacks I have for my kids that day.

Diaper Bag Backpack : Now what are you holding all this in? I still have a diaper BAG and that’s only because it has a special meaning to me. My step-daughters bought me this fabulous Goyard bag to act as my diaper bag for Mabel, with her initials on it. I can’t part with it–but I have to say juggling a bag and a baby is not an easy task. If I could make a suggestion? Get yourself a diaper bag BACKPACK . That way you are hands-free to deal with your child and not having to sling your bag over your shoulder that keeps falling off every time you go to bend to pick up your child. You know what I’m talking about!? Bruce sure does 🙂 –I alternate but I have to say using a backpack has made life with two kids easier to handle those two kids while out and about.

Did I say I fine-tuned my bag?! Still sounds like a lot of stuff, huh?! Lol. What are your must-haves? Would love to here about your must-haves. What have I left out?


Emma xx

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Gail says:

Hi Emma! What an awesome blog subject! I’ve been a Mommy for almost 12 years and it still amazes me just how much I cram into my diaper bag. My husband is always telling me, “What have you got in this bag? It weighs a ton!”. I just always wanted to be as prepared as possible with anything that my baby may need. I, too, have streamlined my diaper bag over the years, but it might still weigh the same as it did with my first baby…lol!

I completely agree with you…I bought the Skip Hop Diaper Changing Station and Clutch when I was pregnant with my fourth daughter two years ago and I love it. It is fantastic and I wish I had it for my first baby! Something that I have always carried in my diaper bag is a baby washcloth and a travel-size bottle of the Aveeno shampoo/body wash. My girls have had some pretty messy occasions where the diaper wipes just couldn’t hold up to their mess, whatever it was. I keep it in a small zippered pouch deep in the diaper bag since it is rarely used, but I feel more prepared knowing that I have it. I also agree with you about having crayons handy for toddlers. The bottom of my diaper bag was always full of broken crayons that escaped from their cardboard box…so now I keep them in a plastic bar of soap travel container. It is just the right size for a box of 24 crayons and I also adhere a pad of sticky-notes to the inside of the cover so we never have to look for paper. Mini notebooks from the dollar bin are a favorite for both my 5 and 23 month girls.

I am so used to having my fully-prepared diaper bag with me that when my husband and I have “date-nights” I try to cram all of my stuff into a normal size purse and end up laughing because I can’t close it! Your blogs are awesome, thanks so much for sharing with all of us Moms! All the best to you and your family!

Emma Heming Willis says:

Love the soap container idea for crayons!!! And never thought about carrying body wash before! Thanks for reading Gail xxxxx

melissa lee says:

I never brought a diaper bag, I just threw in an extra diaper in the glove box in the car… My kids did not take a bottle or pacifier, I nursed my first (who is 22, now) until she was 3 1/2 and my second (17) until he was 2 1/2, I would leave them with Monica, who lived with us and helped me take care of them, for 3 or 4 hrs a day, so I could go out and do all my shopping w/o the kids. It really helped me never feel overwhelmed by having that time to myself every day. I raised them both on a 30 acre farm in Connecticut. I loved staying home and never did I regret it! Melissa Lee

Emma Heming Willis says:

So smart Melissa! Time to yourself is key!
I didn’t have formula and bottles to deal with with my first cause she was BF’d for over 2 years. But with Evelyn I needed all the bottle feeding supplies plus everything else!

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