Winter Skincare… For Kids

Most of us have our winter skin regimen down pat, but how should we take care of the precious skin of our babies? I’ve shared previously that Mabel has Keratosis Polaris with a touch of eczema, so this Mama is already on high alert in the skin department. I’m definitely a HUGE fan of coconut oil and could list all of the hundreds of ways that magic elixir can cure all that ails you. But, I wanted to find some other over the counter options that could become part of my children’s skin routine. Let’s start at the beginning… The number #1 key to healthy skin no matter the season?? Hydration. Make sure your littles are properly hydrated. Hydration along with proper nutrition and exercise which increases circulation, digestion, and elimination, helps skin stay healthy.

The number #1 key to healthy skin no matter the season?? Hydration...

I know we all can get a little overzealous with bundling our little angels to brave the outdoors. I always have visions of that movie, A Christmas Story, where the mom bundles up her youngest son to the point that his arms stay up! Kind of like that picture (above) of poor one year old Mabel 🙂 My Advice: Try not to go overboard, because we can actually cause our little ones a skin issue from overheating. Nobody wants a heat rash in the winter. I will admit, it is a fine line to walk. Because you have to be sure that you are covering enough that your kids don’t get chapped skin from being exposed to the elements. My go-to in cold weather situations is to layer. Then you can easily adjust depending on the situation. One of my secret tricks is keeping a stick of Palmers Cocoa Butter Chapstick nearby. From chapped lips to rough elbows, you can use it on just about anything. I definitely stay away from any fruity or fun flavored lip care, because that could inspire lip licking which will just exacerbate already chapped lips. Even though it is wintertime, we still need to protect skin from harmful UV rays. I like Aveeno Continuous Protection Baby Sunblock SPF 55 because it is mild on kids’ skin. Bathtime is another way we can potentially dry out our little one’s skin. That’s why I really like using Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash . We had some fun a little while back making bathtub paint  using this wash. I also really like their soothing bath treatment  when Mabel’s eczema flares up. To be honest, it is good to use anytime. Who doesn’t need a little soothing now and then?! Another Aveeno bonus is the scent. It’s not perfumed and on my kid’s sensitive skin and noses its preferred. SO Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!! Your skin won’t have a chance to get dry and chapped if you keep skin moisturized .

How do you handle wintertime skin for your brood? Do you have any favorite products or winter skin tips to share? What is all kinds of great, is that my friends at  Aveeno , have decided to get into the holiday spirit and partner with me to do a GIVEAWAY of some of my very favorite products. All you have to do is be sure you follow me and like the photo related in the post on  Instagram . It’s that easy!


Emma xx

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Carli says:

Hi emma
My oldest Theo suffered with eczema just as i did as a young girl, although at the age of 4 he does seem to be coming out of it, but since then ive noticed jonah my 3 mth old starting to get it, the health visitor prescribed QV ointment for him so im.hoping this helps as we do have bad cold weather in the uk so i do tend to wrap them up alot rather than let the air get to the skin xxx

Emma Heming Willis says:

Hmm I’ve never heard of that ointment before but will look it up!
I had eczema as a kid too. I’m sorry it was passed on to Mabel but I hope she’ll grow out of it like I did xxx

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