Kids’ Thanksgiving Placemats…

I’ve been a laminating fool around here lately. Not sure why I hadn’t thought of this sooner. It’s a great way to preserve some of your favorite art pieces that your kids have created. They can also store nicely and flat!

A few days ago I gave you some tips on how to create a fun Thanksgiving “kids table” with arts and crafts as a way to curb the fuss once they get bored with the adult company, which we all know happens quickly! So, now I’m starting to add little elements to their table just to bring it all together. The Thankful Tree centerpiece I shared with you recently was one, but now … wait for it….

I love kid’s handstamps. So I thought we’d make some turkey handprints and turn them into placemats with my nifty laminator .

Fun and complex stuff happening over here at the Willis house 😉

What you'll need...

Construction paper

Washable kids paint 

Paint brushes

Laminator or Self Laminator  Note: Make sure the size of your paper will fit the size of your laminator sheets. 


Your kids can obviously get very creative with how they want their turkey’s to look but the first one I did with Mabel was a straight up version.


Paint the palm and thumb brown.

Paint the fingers any color. Note: Add a lot of paint to their hands as it can dry and not transfer well to the paper.

Press down firmly and evenly, then lift.

Set aside till it dries.

Add in the eyes, feet and beak.

And whatever Thanksgiving message and year.

Laminate that baby and you have an adorable placemat.

Hope everyone is excited for the upcoming holiday! I know we are!


Emma xx


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