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Being on the east coast this year we are looking at some cold days ahead and spending some good time indoors over that Thanksgiving week. Which means I’ll need some creative ideas to lure my kids away from the TV. Thank goodness for Pinterest and my readers who always give me such great ideas! I’ve started a Thanksgiving Craft board  to keep those kiddos busy and hopefully give you a little break! Replenish that craft box of yours!

Since fall is in full swing we’ve watched the leaves turn all beautiful shades of autumn colors before they’ve fallen. As sad as I am to see those bare trees, my girls and I have had some fun collecting those leaves. Here are two simple ideas to put those fallen leaves to use!


Fall Leaf Painting from Minne Mama

What you’ll need:


5 leaves or however many that can fit on the paper


Yellow and red paint


Paint brush

Tape their paper down to the table so it doesn’t move around as they paint. Loop your tape and stick it to the bottom of the leaves. Remember to stick the points of the leaves down too. Have them arrange the leaves on their blank paper. Stick the leaves down lightly. Put some red and yellow paint into a cup but don’t mix it up. Let your kids paint away! When I lifted the leaves up from off the paper, I didn’t see these perfectly outlined leaves that I thought I would but it truly didn’t matter to me. Evelyn had so much fun. In fact, you could just leave the leaves on the paper as is and it would look like a masterpiece! Evelyn loves to paint so she really had a blast and went to town! We’ve moved away from the edible paints now too. My baby is not such a baby anymore. Tear.

As sad as I am to see those bare trees, my girls and I have had some fun collecting those leaves...
Autumn Leaf Wreath from Romy Knapp

What you’ll need:

A paper plate


Elmer’s Glue

A paper plate for your glue

Paint brush


Cut a round circle into the paper plate to make the wreath. Paint the paper wreath with glue. Have them arrange and again glue the back-side of the leaves to the plate. And there you have it. I have the one that Mabel and I did hanging on our front door 🙂 I added some extra layers to it to give it some added dimension. We’re happy with how it turned out!


What will you be doing to keep your kids occupied over the Thanksgiving break? Do share!!


Emma xx


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Rosemary Knapp - AreKay (RK) says:

LOVE how your wreath turned out…BEAUTIFUL!!!
For “kids” of all ages…
Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Wendy R says:

Hi Emma – in about 25 years your children are going to be telling their own children what a wonderful childhood they had with all these wonderful things you are doing with them. Being present in our kids lives is more important to them that we really know!!

We don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, but are getting prepared for Christmas and orders for Christmas cupcakes are starting to roll in and with a bit of patience (and lots of holding my breath) I’m letting my beautiful little man help put silver balls on fondant cupcake toppers for me. Reading your post I wondered what types of fondant cupcake toppers might be uploaded to pinterest- have you had a look? Wow! there is sooo many cute and fun things to make (and eat) – we just might have to celebrate thanksgiving just to serve chocolate cupcakes with turkey fondant toppers! I’m sure your girls would love making some… I’d make some for them if you were a bit closer…maybe next time you visit Oz 🙂
Happy thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family
Wendy xx

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