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I recently shared how Mabel is becoming quite the craft aficionado . So much so that I put together a craft kit so we are ready whenever inspiration strikes! To be completely honest, having everything organized and in one place has definitely increased the frequency of Mabel’s artistic moments. Good clean fun that keeps little minds and hands busy?! I would call that a parental win. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner!

Doing crafts and making art is a great way for my girls to play together. I’m working on finding projects I can slightly vary for different ages. I even started a Pinterest board  for craft project ideas. You don’t have to spend a ton of money and can build up your craft supplies as you go along. The dollar store is also a great place to find items for your kit. Below are some of our top crafting supplies:

Doing crafts and making art is a great way for my girls to play together...

Pipe Cleaners

Craft Sticks

Construction Paper

Glue Stick

Washable Crayons

Washable Markers

Pom Poms

Kid Safety Scissors

School Glue

Paint Brushes

Washable Paint

What craft kit would be complete without… Googly Eyes ?!?!  Paper plates are great for crafts as well as a tidy paint palette or place for your glue. Those paper plates definitely come in handy when we paint with yogurt . Household items like buttons, ribbon, paper towel rolls, and bottle caps can all be used for craft projects, too. Be careful not to go too craft crazy or your kit will become like a bad episode of the TV show Hoarders. LOL! I’m also a fan of ready-to-go  craft kits . I even picked up this foam mask kit  that Mabel really liked. I put everything in this great wire basket   I found at The Container Store. It makes it so easy and accessible for my girls and the neat freak in me loves having everything organized.

I even put together a separate “Mommy Craft Kit” of a few things like a glue gun , fabric scissors , push pinsposter tape , and few other odds and ends that I wouldn’t necessarily want Mabel and Evelyn to have access to.

We are definitely making great use of all of our crafting supplies and I love watching my girls’ imagination grow. It is truly a joy.  Do you have a craft kit? Any secret crafting supplies I should know about?  What are some of your favorite craft projects to make with your kids? Do share!


From my home to yours,

Emma xx

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Gail says:

Hi Emma!
Love all the great ideas! Looks like I will be adding to our craft kit with a few suggestions from your list.

A few items that we have in our kit include double sided tape and scrap booking tape (in Mommy’s kit) and felt squares or scraps. My girls love to craft with felt and you can glue it as well (I use fabric glue so it stays better).

A neat craft that we do with the little ones is a paper chain. We use it to count down the days to a special event such as a birthday, holiday or even a vacation. The girls love it because it gives them a way to see how far off or close an event is as the concept of time is a little hard to grasp for our tiniest ones. We just use strips of paper that the kids can cut out(usually an inch by 5-6 inches in length and use tape or glue to close the chain. I believe that they also sell them pre-cut with adhesive on the ends in craft stores. Even more fun is to have the kids (if they are old enough) write a note or maybe an activity on each chain to read as they take one chain off each day. It can be an activity related to the event or maybe just something to discuss or think about. Our next paper chain will probably be for Halloween as my four year old can hardly wait! She knows that it is almost time for dressing up when there are only a few links left! I think I might make myself a chain during the winter in Chicago…how many days left til Spring!

Happy crafting with the little ones! All the best to you and your family!

Emma Heming Willis says:

LOVE THESE IDEAS!!!! I’ll be adding it to our kit as well :):)

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