5 Kid-Friendly Backyard Ideas to Make Staying Home More Fun

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to set up a child-friendly backyard.

You need to have a few kid-friendly backyard ideas in your back pocket these days. COVID-19 lockdown measures unfortunately will extend summer break. With some quick fixes, you’ll find it easier to entertain your children.

The Secret to Creating a Child-Friendly Backyard

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in the past is not asking my kids for advice.

Make the backyard a family project . Before splurging on a playground set or treehouse, ask your children what they would like. Some requests may surprise you with their simplicity.

Remember: it’s not about how much it costs or how big the area is, but how it inspires imaginative play.

5 Kid-Friendly Backyard Ideas to Entertain Your Little Ones

Build a magical place for children to create, explore, and relax outdoors. Here are some of our favorite design prompts and backyard games for kids.

1. A Pop-Up Stage

Do you have two trees or poles in your backyard? Fix a clothesline between them.

Get two pieces of fabric – sheets, curtains, or red burlap will do – and clip-on curtain rings. Fold one end of the fabric and clip the curtain rings at regular intervals. Attach this to the clothesline and adjust the length until it doesn’t touch the ground. Repeat for the second piece.

2. Gardening Tasks

Do you maintain a garden ? If so, maybe your kids would like to help you take care of your plants.

An older child may appreciate an area just for them. Encourage them to nurture edible plants. Your little ones will get a kick out of harvesting the literal fruits of their labor when the time comes.

3. Tree Stumps

This may be one of the best backyard activities for children. All you need are log segments in varying heights ! Saw off pieces from an old fallen tree or ask your local landscaper for scraps.

Affix them to the ground – burying an inch or two in tightly packed dirt – so kids can step or jump from one stump to another. Children will love making up the rules for their own movement games.

4. A Lounge Area

Here’s a clever way to repurpose an inflatable kiddie pool. When it’s dry and not being used for splashing around, turn it into a cozy outdoor lounging nook .

Place the kiddie pool under the shade and fill it with blankets and a few throw pillows. Add a storage chest beside it for books, art materials, and snacks.

5. A Box of Sand, Gravel, or Dirt

Sandboxes are common but play sand can get in children’s clothes and eyes. Pea gravel is more manageable and compatible with toys like cars and trucks.

Don’t mind washing mud-stained clothes? Introduce a box of screened topsoil to your children. It’s easier to sculpt and mold, allowing their imagination to run wild.

What to Remember When Arranging Backyard Activities for Children

Safety first, always. Backyard games for kids aren’t fun if someone gets hurt. Have a first-aid kit nearby and make sure there are no pointy or otherwise hazardous objects within reach of children.

We hope you enjoy creating a child-friendly backyard your kids will enjoy for years to come. Good luck and happy DIY-ing!

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