5 Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated While Transitioning to Colder Months

Changing seasons means changing humidity levels and temperatures, which is a perfect time to change up your skincare regimen. This may be particularly true for those of us with sensitive, dry, or oily skin types.

It’s not uncommon for temperature changes to cause skin reactions like redness, scaliness, redness, or excess oil production. Even so, there’s no reason to worry about doing a complete overhaul of your routine. Keeping your skin hydrated is good enough to prepare for the upcoming cooler months, and here are some effective skin hydration tips to use as the temperature falls.

Layer Your Skin Treatments

When it comes to skincare routines, layering your products the right way is the way to go if you want to get the most out of your treatments. The idea of multistep skincare layering is a standard in traditional Korean beauty routines , which is about paying proper respect to the skin. You can try an easy 3-step skincare routine that’s sure to hydrate and leave the skin smooth and moisturized with our CocoBaba Body Bundle .

Cool Down Your Showers

Taking a long, hot shower may sound good with cooler weather. But it’s best to resist the urge.  Extended contact with hot water can rob your skin of moisture and making it drier than before you got in the shower. It’s a good idea to turn down the heat a notch in the shower or bath in colder months.

Get a Humidifier

Investing in a humidifier is a good idea when cooler temperatures begin to arrive. Humidity helps the skin stay moist, and too little humidity dries skin out. Humidifiers are awesome for producing balmy air that our skin craves. Aim for 30% to 50% humidity in the home. I love this little one from Hey Dewy that I have set up on my desk which is perfect for your face. Use emma15 at checkout for 15% off!

Drink Your Water

What better way to keep your skin hydrated than to keep your body hydrated, since the skin covers the whole body? Your daily water intake affects the skin and its health. So, chug up! Don’t skimp on getting those eight glasses of H2O in. Your skin will thank you for it.

Eat a Healthy-skin Diet

Eating well contributes to nourished, well-hydrated skin. It’s no secret that what goes on inside the body shows outside because beauty starts from within. Do not forget that complete skincare involves total wellness, including a healthy diet rich in vitamin B2, B3, E, C, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. You can take supplements or get the vitamins and nutrients in whole foods like fish, nuts, and leafy green vegetables. Maintaining a good intake of these types of foods helps give the skin a collagen boost and improves skin elasticity and suppleness.

The Bottom Line

The importance of keeping skin hydrated going into the fall and winter seasons should be taken seriously if you want healthy, moisturized skin. Maintaining healthy skin all year long is doable if you follow a consistent skincare routine, and transitioning into the cooler temperatures should be no problem at all.

Want more information on ways to leave your skin happy and healthy, as well as other beauty and style tips? Visit our website here!

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