Summer Camp Must Haves…

School is out and that means shifting gears for the summer break! My girls are now “day camp bound!”

I’m excited for them to have a real change from so many months of winter-related restrictions. Doing the same thing day in and day out can get boring for them, not to mention crazy for us mommies who have to come up with different ways to keep them engaged and entertained during the academic year.

So, I’m all about new scenery, having them be able to enjoy the outdoors, experiencing new things and making new friends. It’s about letting them feel a sense of liberation to just have fun–that’s what summer is all about after all, isn’t it?

I’m in the middle of going through my checklist of things they will need for the hours they are away at camp, and of course, I wanted to share my personal summer camp checklist with you!

Here’s a post from last year all about summer camp life —timeless!

campmust-havesshopsummer camp

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