Anti-Constipation Gummy Bears…

Everybody poops, but maybe not as frequently as we’re meant to, though being “regular” depends on the individual. I remember speaking to a nutritionist once who told me that we should be going three times a day, or after every meal. What?! Yeah right. Even my kids sometimes have issues, and they have a consistent diet of fruits, veggies and fiber. Then again, those carbs can throw one’s system out of sync. These kids can throw down pasta and pizza like no one’s business!

No one likes to talk about this subject, but it’s part of our daily lives, and it’s nature’s way of getting rid of waste and toxins in your body. So, going regularly is really important, and finding ways to get that to happen isn’t always the first priority on the list. So, here’s something easy to help you and your family.

I came across this interesting recipe on Pinterest the other day. It looked so simple that I needed to give it a go. Noticing that the main ingredient in this recipe was coconut oil, I knew right away that this had something special and we all know how much I love coconut oil .

Coconut oil is such a natural lubricate for your body, which will help soften your stool, so I was very optimistic that this recipe could be a winner. As I reviewed the recipe, it looked like this particular one called for the mixture to be set into regular square forms. I decided that putting mine in Gummy Bear molds might entice my kids more. Sure enough, Evelyn thinks she’s eating Gummy Bears. Poor kid has never tasted a real one :/

Here’s the recipe:

Anti-Constipation Gummy Bears
1 cup

liquid coconut oil

1/4 cup

lemon juice

2 tsp


1/4 tsp

Himalayan salt

Add all your ingredients into the blender and blend till combined. Add to your form and place in the fridge for a few hours.

I’ve been giving the girls about 3-4 of them a day and I’ve been taking about 6 and we’re noticing very positive effects. It’s not a super powerful effect because that’s not the purpose—the point is just to get things “moving”. Have I said too much? Someone had to, might as well be a mom.

What ways do you combat constipation in your family?

Emma x

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There are 7 comments
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Aj angsley says:

Totally need to try this!!!

Carli says:

Hi emma this is brill, my 5 yr old has terrible trouble and if he dont go every day gets bad tummy pains. Ive tried to keep a good diet going but now having to add a laxative to his juice, he dont know this he just thinks hes getting better at going, i only use it a little just to help him along but id rather use a natural product. Thank u

april. says:

Thank you so much for this recipe, I’m going to be making it for some family friends children! Is there anything I can replace the honey with, to make it vegan?

Emma Heming Willis says:

I haven’t tried it any other way without honey so I’m not sure. Try any kind of thick honey-like replacement?

Caroline says:

Hi Emma! How do you store after they have been made and set? How many do you recommend for a 3yr old? Do you give all at once or throughout the day?

Emma Heming Willis says:

Hi! I store it an air-tight container in the ridge. With both my daughters I started with one at night time and increased the following day if we didnt get the result we were looking for, if you know what I mean 😉

Brandy says:

Has any one tried adding beef gelatin? To frim it up and so I doesn’t have to be refrigerated? Plus the added health benefits

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