Holiday Tape Art…

That time is here–school break for the holidays! While I’m super excited we get to put our early morning sprints out the door on hold for the next few weeks, I also know I need to get my craft projects together in order to keep them busy.

One item I’ve added to our craft kit these days are paneled canvas. There’s something so much more special for the kids to paint on canvas than on paper. So I buy them in bulk and keep them handy. I did this fun tape art project with the girls the other day using our canvas and we loved how they turned out!

Here’s what you’ll need:

8×10 paneled canvas

Masking or painters tape  


Paint Brushes 

Washable paint  I didn’t use these metallic paints but I wish I did!

Paint tray 

I love our art smocks from Bumkins too!

The Making Of...

Tape off any holiday design you think you can handle. Mine was a Christmas tree! But stars and snowflakes are two pretty good options as well. Once the tape is pressed down to the canvas have your child paint all over the canvas, using any color they desire. Once dry, peel off the tape. And there you have it!


Tip: DO NOT have any water on the table for your kids to clean their brushes. My youngest Evelyn kept wanting to clean her brushes. Each time she dipped the brush in the water and then back in the paint, it thinned it out. Once I peeled the tape off her masterpiece, the paint had seeped under the tape making it a bit messy. It still looked cute but not as clean and sharp looking as Mabel’s.

Do you have any fun and easy holiday arts and crafts ideas to share?


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