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I can’t believe we are half way through summer already! Where has the time gone? I will say that we’ve totally capitalized on our summer so far. In fact, we just wrapped up our family vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, a place that neither my daughters nor I have ever visited. Bruce has made multiple trips out here as well as his three older girls. I must say, it sure didn’t disappoint. I would have preferred to see less ticks but that’s a separate story. But our beach days have been magical.

I started this fun tradition with my girls that originated in Turks & Caicos over our last spring break holiday. Last time it was an ice pop stand and this time round we decided on a lemonade stand with all proceeds going to Room to Grow . I was thrilled if not a little shocked with the amount we brought in last time and Room to Grow was as always, so appreciative. This time with our homemade lemonade going at a $1 a serving and limited people coming through the neighborhood where we stayed, I knew we wouldn’t make a killing but that would be ok. What’s important to me is my daughters learning the importance of giving back from an early age and to see Bruce and I right there to support them. Plus what a great way to say hi to our neighbors. Truth be told, Mabel knocked over the lemonade dispenser by accident so we had to wrap it up sooner than anticipated. Poor baby was really upset by that.

What’s important to me is my daughters learning the importance of giving back from an early age...

With the limited amount of funds we made, we did make enough to go to Target once we are home and buy two toys to deliver to Room to Grow’s office. Mabel is very excited to help pick out the toys and the act of bringing it to RtG’s office has her very excited as well.

I truly believe it’s the thought that counts and not so much about the end dollar amount. The lemonade stand put a smile on some of our customers’ faces, (well that could have been because Bruce Willis was serving them lemonade but I doubt it 😉 .) My kids have a great memory that is linked to doing something good, and in this day and age, we all need something to smile and feel good about.

If you want to learn more about Room to Grow go here . If you want to donate or get involved with this impactful organization go here .

Happy summer!

Emma xx

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Rosemary Knapp (RK) says:

If Bruce Willis had served me, I would have truly needed a glass of lemonade…to revive me after I fainted!!! LOL! Seriously, a wonderful way to learn to help those in need while having fun doing it. And to Mabel, accidents happen to everyone…don’t worry about it!

Emma Heming Willis says:

😆 😆 😆 xxx

Eileen sinclair says:

Your PR man sure had a load of experience in the selling game,pity Evelyn had a wobble but these things happen, bless her,hope she wasn’t too upset.
Well done to anything that assists under privileged kids,here in Edinburgh,Scotland. Three bursaries have been offered to Syrian children to try and better their lives.
Our school is George Heriots which sits in the centre of old Edinburgh it has a history of holding out the hand of friendship to those not so fortunate ,long may these attitudes remain so we can become an integrated world and not a sick one.

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