The Anti-Carved Pumpkin…

I bought 4 pumpkins this year envisioning how cute all of them would be sitting on our front porch, all-lite up with their cute triangle eyes and nose. That missing-lots-of-teeth sweet smile. Maybe I’d get super creative and use a stencil! Oh and of course I wouldn’t want to let all those pumpkin seeds go to waste. I would roast them! So I got to carving. But as I’m carving all I keep thinking is, “Wow, this is a lot harder than I remember” and “why does my wrist hurt so bad?” “How do I separate the seeds from this stringy mess?” “I have to carve 3 more of these!?”

Well needless to say I carved one without visiting the emergency room, as I was sure I might cut my hand open in the process. Oh and I threw away the seeds too. Who has the time!? Clearly not me or the patience. I have to reserve all that for my kids!

So the other three will not be getting carved this year. But that doesn’t mean I still can’t decorate them. I created an Anti-Carve Pinterest board . There’s a lot of great (and easier) options that don’t require too much exertion. In fact, you just might have what you need at home or in your craft kit .

Well needless to say I carved one without visiting the emergency room...

Washable markers or paint is a fun way to get the kids involved. If they don’t love their masterpiece or want to start fresh just wipe or wash the pumpkin and voila, they have a clean canvas.

Kitchen twine or yarn is great to make a fun looking spider web pumpkin. Mabel is in a Spiderman phase so she loved this one! I found these plastic spiders in the Halloween favor section of Party City.

In your first aid kit you might have some gauze . Just mummify your pumpkin. I added some googly eyes, painted on a smile and who doesn’t love eye brows?! And there you have it…

  • Here’s a tip. Before you start to decorate make sure you clean your pumpkins skin with a damp cloth and make sure it’s totally dry before you start to decorate him. You need a clean and dry canvas.

Are you carving this year or trying the anti-carve method? Is there a trick to carving pumpkins that I’m missing?


Emma xx

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Wendy R says:

Hi Emma – just a quick note… We don’t celebrate Halloween anywhere near the extent that you do in the US (although I did buy some candy just in case someone knocked on our door) so I just wanted to say Happy Halloween – hope the girls have a great time – your anti-carve pumpkins look awesome! Wendy xx

Emma Heming Willis says:

Thank you!! Did you have to eat the candy or did you get some trick or treaters?
I’m doing the no carve idea from here on out!!

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