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I’m a keepsake hoarder! I’ve had our memorabilia living in drawers for years but my resolution was to get them out of the drawers and to be as creative as I could to have them displayed  one way or another. If they couldn’t be put into a book or on the walls, then they really needed to be reevaluated.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter Mabel, my step-daughters bought me this amazing belly cast kit from Pearhead . I’d heard of women casting their belly’s before but it always seemed so complicated and that you’d need to get a professional to do it for you. Not so fast. Let me say using this kit was less than complicated, messy but not complicated.

Besides my children of course ;) these two belly casts are my next most prized processions...
The final result

At week 39, my step-daughter Scout came over and helped me do my belly cast. You need someone else to do this for you—this project is not a one man show. You also need to feel comfortable with the person you ask because you’ll need to be somewhat naked to do it. When I was pregnant with Evelyn, I was so sure I was going to deliver early so I had Scout do my cast at 37 weeks. Mind you I was a week late with Evelyn. I delivered at 41 weeks. What did I know?!

I have to say that besides my children of course 😉 these two belly casts are my next most prized processions. I had them mounted and encased and they are both hanging in our home. Both my kids point to it almost every day and Mabel will say, “Which belly am I in?” And I’ll reply, again and again, “You’re in the biggest.” She was 9lbs 1 oz baby.

And then come to find out that Pearhead has been a huge supporter of my favorite charity  Room to Grow since 2014. Small world. They’re bringing love into everyone’s lives from all angles!

Being pregnant with both kids was such a wonderful time in my life and I’m so happy I have a memento to remind me of it daily. Did you do a belly cast too? What did you do to remember your pregnancy?

Emma xx

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Gail says:

Hi Emma! The belly cast is such a cute idea! I would have loved to preserve that memory for my girls.

I absolutely love having pictures of my kids so we did some fun photo shoots towards the end of my pregnancies. Late in my 8th month or early into my 9th month I took pregnancy photos with the older siblings-to-be. We did white dresses on a white background with the girls hugging my belly (I wore a white top and skirt), then we did some really cute shots with the girls wearing some fun “Big Sister” shirts. I had the same photographer for each shoot so you can see the progression in the pictures from one Big Sister to eventually three with my last baby. The girls loved the photo shoots and it got them excited for their new Big Sister roles. We even had three t-shirts made for the last one that said, “Big Sister”, “Bigger Sister” and “Biggest Sister”. I will always treasure those pictures of such a special time in my life and enjoy looking back on them. We also did some pictures once a month of my belly profile with those belly stickers that have the number of weeks on them…I let my kids get behind the camera for those and it got them excited and really involved. I was very lucky that not one of them dropped the Nikon!

I always enjoy reading your blog! All the best to you and your family!

Emma Heming Willis says:

Love it Gail! Those are such treasured memories. So great you were able to capture that moment in time xxx

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